Party Wall 

Advice for those on either side.

If you propose to undertake work to a Party Wall or close to an adjacent building your works may possibly fall under the terms of the Party Wall Act 1996  which will require you to serve notice upon the owners and occupiers of any building affected. Alternatively, you may have received a notice under the 1996 Act advising you of works which may affect your property.


The 1996 Party Wall Act  sets down the rights and duties of owners undertaking works and also provides protection to the adjoining owners. A Party Wall Surveyor's duty is to examine the proposed works and ensure that they are properly designed. The Surveyor will also need to ensure that the works are executed in a manner which will not cause damage to adjoining buildings or property.


A detailed record of the condition of the adjoining propery is taken so that damage can be identified and rectified where necessary.


At Spencer Craig Partnership, we can provide expert advice to both developers or those who have received a notice under the Party Wall Act.